ANN Important Announcement

ANN Strategy on Appointments into Positions of Consequential Decision-Making

ANN government will conduct a rapid appraisal of existing Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Institutions, against comparative high performance measures. This will be in line with, the “Nigerian Economy that Works for All”.

ANN government will undertake a rigorous process of selection, into appointed positions of consequential decision-making. Our selection process will be open to all Nigerians at home and abroad, irrespective of party affiliations, to appoint Nigerians on the basis of their credibility; merit; honesty; leadership, organisation and systems thinking abilities; and patriotism.

Only the best Nigerians (that can demonstrate clear understanding of the challenges that Nigeria faces and are motivated by the love for country and fellow Nigerians), while reflecting diversity and equal opportunities as promoted in the “federal character”, will be appointed into positions of consequential decision-making, under an ANN government.

ANN Strategy on Monitoring the Performance of Political Appointees

ANN government will set performance targets on measurable indicators. Our performance evaluation process will actively involve all Nigerians.

Appointees and MDAs under ANN government, will actively request for performance feedback from Nigerians, on our experiences using and encountering public services. We will also request for new ideas on how appointees and MDAs can improve services.

This approach to governance, would be one of the determinants of success for ANN. This will be key to the development and the nurturing of a culture of learning from feedback and of continuous improvement in the Public Sector, to be accountable to Nigerians. This will improve the quality of public services.

ANN Strategy on Listening to Nigerians and Access to Truth

ANN recognises that the pressure of governing can be distracting. This may affect listening to the masses, our employers and stakeholders in our country, whom we serve. People in government and government can easily become disconnected from Nigerians.

That while people with consequential decision-making responsibilities, may sometimes be honest, their decisions may often be based on their own ‘desire to have’, rather than on the current evidence and facts in support of the ‘compelling business case’ to serve Nigerians, in a changing Nigerian Environment. We also are aware that often, the truth about the negative impact of decisions on Nigerians may not filter through human walls and barriers (often pursuing their own and special interests – selfish and at the expense of the greater good), to decision-makers.

This is why an ANN government will work with the academia, the media (supporting investigative journalism) as well as employ innovative ways to gather valid and real time data directly from ordinary Nigerians, to analyse to distil credible evidence. The design and modification of policies and programmes will be guided by strong evidence. This would mean that an ANN government would be truly, a government of Nigerians, by Nigerians and for Nigerians.

Costing proposed ANN Programmes and Reforms

ANN is working on the investment-estimates of the programmes in The Big Agenda, to present to Nigerians.

Information will also include (indicative):
  • summaries of implementation work-plans with timelines;
  • potential impact on the economy to all Nigerians;
  • who will benefit from the programmes; and
  • where all the money that will be invested, would pool to.

ANN is also working on and will be presenting to Nigerians, proposals on how it intends to finance these programmes. ANN will also share with Nigerians, how these programmes would return on investment in social, economic, political and environmental gains, in the short, medium and long term.

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