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Since 1999, we have entrusted our hopes of a better Nigeria, in ‘professional politicians’. But things have not gotten better. In some cases and to most Nigerians struggling in abject poverty, things have even gotten worse and the future seems bleak. It gets even more frustrating that only very few Nigerians have amassed so much wealth that they do not need. Their greed continues to make Nigeria one of the most unequal societies in the world threatening our unity, peace and security. They continue to amass wealth not from creating ideas and solutions to our many problems and opening up economic value chains, but because they have captured our country and are sharing our commonwealth among themselves and their cronies. Each time they make big promises at elections to deceive and divide us. They have repeatedly lied to us and failed us.

How long can we continue to be fooled by them? How long can we continue to exchange our future and the future of our children with handouts that they have stolen from us? How long can we conspire with them to destroy our country and mortgage the future?

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The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) is a political platform established by a group of like-minded technocrats who love our country. Before the professional politicians and their cronies completely destroy our country, let us retire them and begin to reverse the wrongs done to our country. ANN is bound by Transparency, Integrity and Excellence. We are Technoticians (techchnocrats venturing into politics) on a mission to drain the swamp. So, our purpose for registering ANN goes beyond contesting and winning elections. We have a long term objective of changing the political landscape and discourse, and refocusing governance to serve the needs of ordinary Nigerians, strengthen their Agency and by so doing to strengthen our weakest links and safeguarding our democracy.

By signing up as a member of ANN or volunteer, you are taking real steps as an active citizen to make your voice heard. Together we can make Nigeria a much better country that provides for all Nigerians our basic human needs such as security, jobs, food & nutrition, sanitation, education, healthcare, shelter, water and electricity supply, transportation; and the opportunity to achieve our full potential. We are acting today to protect our future and the future of our children. We welcome you. Together we are much stronger, and together we can!

ANN is the preferred platform and vehicle to ‘take back Nigeria’ from the usual politicians, to stop the mismanagement of our country. Please come join us, from all over Nigeria to rebuild our country for the present and future generations.

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A nation that is committed to Good Governance with the capacity to create the enabling environment for all her citizens and residents to dream, try, succeed and thrive all across the land.