This Playbook is a guide for the leadership of Alliance for New Nigeria. It serves the purpose of shaping the narratives of the party at all times.In order to ensure that there is consistency of expression and views from all spheres of its leadership, the content of this Playbook shall be though a guide but a must to follow.

Users of this Playbook therefore shall be persons saddled with the responsibilities of representing the interest (s) of the party, and those who have been given such mandate as to speak in situations where the party is required to make any form of communication regarding but not limited to the position of the party on matters concerning it or its members or its leadership or Nigeria.

The words and expressions of this playbook though not prescriptive to the extent that it limits the creativity of its users, but it deemed necessary that the adherence to the provisions therein shall be to the advantage of the user and also to the overall benefits of Alliance for New Nigeria.

  • Tone of Voice

  • The Creed

  • Choice of Words
  • A critical aspect of communication is the Tone Of Voice (TOV).

    Therefore it is the aim of this Playbook that the user so mandated shall pay close attention to this section of the Playbook with particular attention on the possible different situations that can demand reference and are here cited though not exhaustive. Situations such as:

    • Crisis
    • Debate
    • Campaign on Broadcast Media
    • Face to Face to campaign
    • Stakeholder engagements
    • Stakeholder engagements
    • Media Interview
    • Speeches

    The overall TOV in communicating and representing the Alliance for New Nigeria must be that of:

    • Hope
    • Confidence
    • Re-assurance
    • Possibility
    • Faith
    • Engagement
    • Empathy

    The TOV will never be:

    • Accusation
    • Abusive
    • Name calling
    • Despair
    • Fear
    • Incitement
    • Falsehood
  • The Alliance for New Nigeria is a political party that has emerged as a result of the necessity of time with a single message of HOPE.

    It is a party with a difference and a focus on seeing a NEW NIGERIA emerge.

    A Nigeria…

    Where the pursuit of HAPPINESS is achievable

    Where JUSTICE is neither delayed nor denied

    Where there is RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE

    Where there is DIGNITY OF LABOUR and JUST REWARD

    Where our DIVERSITY becomes STRENGTH and OPPORTUNITIES abound

    Where the FUTURE of the YOUNG is SECURED and the LEGACY of the old is PRESERVED


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  • WE, US, OUR rather than I

    In the communication, the user of this Playbook shall observe to speak in the ‘collective’ and as a voice of theirs. Every expressions never be personalised. The use of “I” therefore shall be discouraged as much as possible. Rather it will be advised that the word “WE” be used instead.

    The need for this is to give strength to the narrative and to drive home the point that government and leadership is REPRESENTATIVE and that the collective will of the PEOPLE is greater than that of any INDIVIDUAL.

The Narratives

  • Hope in despair
  • Mind over Matter
  • One is greater
  • Beyond a generation
  • Self-LESS
  • Hope in despair

    This is the narrative that focuses on the abounding grace and blessing the Almighty has bequeathed to Nigeria; from its natural resources to the amazing human potentials that cuts across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Our message is one that focuses on what is POSSIBLE and FEASIBLE than what is not working.

    We focus at all times on the HOPE of a Future so assured and a past so glorious. We look beyond the vagaries of failures of past leaders but bring to reckoning the legacies that needs to be preserved for the future to be assured and secured.

    The party will focus at all times the necessities of aligning the past of Nigeria, with its present and then deliver the future. So everyone, age and generational difference regardless are weaved into our narrative of HOPE instead of despair and bulk passing.

    Our narrative about our party wouldn’t be of how we can build more roads, more schools, create stable power or even get more houses; it will be about how we can unleash the potential of THE NIGERIAN and get him/her to do more and achieve more. And whatever this would require within the available means would be the focus of our party.

    This is what the creed of our party has outlined as follows that we shall:

    Pursue HAPPINESSfor our people because we know that when the people are happy they can achieve more. And to ensure we make them happy we shall ensure that JUSTICE is neither delayed nor denied, where there is RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE, where there is DIGNITY OF LABOUR and JUST REWARD,where our DIVERSITY becomes STRENGTH and OPPORTUNITIES abound.

  • Mind over Matter

    Unlike other political parties, the presentation of facts would be within the space of appealing to the minds of all players within the political space. The use of economic terms would be to the language of the average Nigerian regardless of where they sit within the food chain. Be it a Policeman, a Soldier or a Civil Defence Corp, we would speak to their minds, not their heads, and appeal to their sense of reason and not sense of duty.

    Speaking to their minds not heads and appealing to their sense of reason and not duty is because we know that the facts necessarily may not change their behaviour but their pains can.

    Man’s emotions though messy shall be the core of our narratives. We are going to appeal more to emotions and get the average Nigerian to the rallying point of taking stand in favour of what they consider as THE PAIN OF ALL. Our communication and narrative therefore shall be more emotive than rational.

  • One is greater

    Because we know that the individual action is a contributor to what makes a greater nation. We shall speak to a NIGERIAN per time. Our communication as though we have a single Nigerian in a room and we are speaking to such a Nigerian. So, when we speak to over 180,000,000 Nigerians, we speak to them as INDIVIDUALS though we speak in the collective as we make our presentations.

    Our narrative therefore is about challenging the strength of that individual NIGERIAN and giving them a reason to vote, be voted for and make sure that their voice count.

    Therefore our rallying cry is about how the NIGERIAN would begin to see self differently and in the process see the country differently. The believe in self can drive a greater level of output and this we have seen in the level of success recorded by the average NIGERIAN irrespective of the failures of government and the ineptitude of our leadership and systems. The NIGERIAN has risen above the limitations of society and have shown great potential and strengthen to excel above all odds.

    This shall be our greatest leverage and our narrative shall be to reinforce this fact and then challenge the same energy and passion for the political gains of ANN and emergence of NEW NIGERIA.

  • Beyond a Generation

    Although there is a clarion call for the young generation to take over the realms. We believe in that and are persuaded that it is time. We are equally clear that the present will miss a lot if the legacies of the past are eroded. Therefore our narrative would not be about sacking or sending away a generation and seeing a new generation emerge and seize power. Our narrative shall be about a NEW NIGERIA and that NEW NIGERIA shall be beyond a generation emerging. It shall be the emergence of a new way of doing things, a new way of electioneering, a new way of scaling development and galvanising opportunities. A new way of seeing NIGERIA.

    According to our creed, we shall emphasize that we are a party that seek to see a new Nigeria emerge where the FUTURE of the YOUNG is SECURED and the LEGACY of the old is PRESERVED. Thismeans that we shall recognise the efforts of our heroes and celebrate the contribution of our leaders past and present. We shall offer a better approach to leadership no doubt, but our approach shall be different from the convention of not seeing anything good in what has been. We be true our name ALLIANCE FOR NEW NIGERIA and that would also means have a handshake where need be across generations for the purpose of birthing a NEW NIGERIA.

  • Self-LESS

    Against common practice, we shall put forward a narrative that is less of self-aggrandizement, self-promotion, self-importance and self-ambition. The collective will of the PEOPLE shall be paramount at all times and the position of the PARTY shall be core regardless. Therefore, when there is a clash of interest, the position of the party and the collective will of ALL shall prevail over the individual will or interest.

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