Privacy and Policy

Alliance for New Nigeria (hereinafter referred to as ANN) is a registered political party in Nigeria. ANN understands that in the course of its political activities, Nigerians and others would voluntarily share personal information with it. The ANN Privacy Policy provides explanation on how we use and safeguard your personal information that we are privileged to have. The personal information that Nigerians and others share with us include names, gender, addresses, emails, websites, mobile phone numbers, education, profession and payment transaction details.

Nigerians and other people share information with us when they register to become a member of ANN; when they volunteer; when they participate in any ANN events and conventions; when they donate to ANN; when they subscribe to our blogs and newsletters; when they follow ANN on social media platforms; when they visit our websites; when they participate in ANN discussion forum; when they buy items from ANN website; when they complete forms and provide feedback to ANN; when they make enquiries of ANN; and when their friends and relatives share their information with us.

ANN will not share the information that you share with us with third-parties without your consent, except when legally required. ANN will not under any circumstance sell your information to third parties. ANN will use your information within our organisation at local, states and national levels to contact you with updates and notifications about ANN activities and events and communication of important political, social, economic and educational messages, news and information. ANN will use your information in compliance with the requirements of the relevant sections of the Nigerian Constitution and Electoral Act (as amended) and when compelled by a Court of competent jurisdiction. When working with our partners that may involve the use of data, we will ensure that your information is anonymised and protected to ensure privacy, in specific contracts with our partners.

ANN has taken reasonable measures to secure information that is shared with it online through its websites, from loss and misuse, and are saved on secure remote servers. If you do not wish to receive communication from us, you can inform us at any time by contacting our head office or by completing the contact form on our website.

Please contact us by completing the enquiry/contact form on our website or write to us through our head office address on our website, if you have any concerns or questions regarding our Privacy Policy.


Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)

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