The ANN Approach


Unity & Diversity

Our approach is intellectual. Looking for evidence and linking knowledge to industry. We believe that this approach to governance would attract the brightest and most patriotic Nigerians to engage and constantly interrogate the evidence base of government policies, actions and activities. This would ensure transparency, accountability and responsibility in government. This approach would underpin our interactions with granular level data on the life experiences of Nigerians, to enable us better understand the nuances in our demography and socioeconomic circumstances, to inform policy choices and priorities.


ANN understands that policies and decisions have consequences. We will employ rigorous approaches to ensuring that we communicate and realise ‘intended consequences’, ‘good’ for most Nigerians, while minimising ‘unintended consequences’.

The ANN Big Agenda is bold and ambitious. It will leapfrog Nigeria towards its founding vision. Our Big Agenda will disrupt the ‘politics as usual’, that continues to drag Nigeria back from its founding vision. This would honour our founders and benefit ordinary Nigerians.

  • ANN Core Beliefs & Values
    ANN Core Beliefs & Values

    Our fundamental values provide us a ‘mirror’ to view ourselves constantly to be accountable. It also provides all Nigerians a ‘window’ into what motivates and drives ANN. Above all, we believe in One United Nigeria that is fair, just, equitable and that works for all Nigerians in our diversity.

    ANN believes in a rules-based Nigeria.

    • ANN believes that the Nigerian Constitution (as amended), is the fundamental law of Nigeria.
    • ANN believes in the separation of powers of the three arms of government (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), to ensure checks and balances. That in a diverse and complex country such as Nigeria, it is necessary to continuously interrogate the structures, systems and processes of governance to improve performance and the delivery of quality services to Nigerians.
    • ANN believes in and appreciates the men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces who continue to make much sacrifices so that we may continue to have our country.
    • ANN believes in and appreciates the work and sacrifices of the Nigerian Intelligence Community, the Nigeria Police and other Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies and would love the opportunity to work with them to meet the current and emerging challenges of our country to keep all Nigerians safe and secure while ensuring that our civil liberties are protected.
    • ANN believes that our population is our greatest asset for socioeconomic growth and development.
    • ANN believes that governments would work best for Nigerians, when it is closest and listening to us. And are in communication with Nigerians to understand us and are working to meet our needs for food, housing, health care, education, jobs, safety, security, recreation, sanitation, utilities, and other needs
    • ANN believes that governments would best serve Nigerians when it builds collaborative partnerships with communities. To organise and create the environment that enables and facilitates open communication and enterprise founded on best market principles, practices and ethical values. While protecting and providing for the vulnerable in society to reduce inequality; and promoting solidarity.
    • ANN believes that when units and levels of governments are closer to the people, it is more likely to be protective of democratic values to allow for civil liberty, fundamental rights and freedoms; and can be more creative and innovative around ‘culturally appropriate development solutions’ that dove-tails into the overall national social and economic goals to further the National Identity.
    • ANN believes that Nigeria has the human and natural resources to produce most of what Nigerians need to enjoy higher living standards.
    • ANN believes that Nigeria can produce its way out of poverty and empower every Nigerian by accessing and utilising all of the abundant natural and human resources across Nigeria. That Nigeria can add value to our resources to meet the needs of Nigerians and to solve problems and stimulate demand for goods and services produced in Nigeria. That Nigeria can more creatively monetise the value chains that we explore and exploit to create millions of decent tax-paying jobs. And that Nigeria can cause and sustain inclusive economic growth based on the ingenuity of Nigerians and link the Nigeria Economy to global markets in ways that benefit all Nigerians.
    • ANN believes in the strength of the Nigerian Diaspora and in the value that they can bring in expertise, investments and sociocultural ties around the world for the political and socioeconomic wellbeing and progress of Nigeria.
    • ANN believes in Social Progress, and that economic growth needs not be in competition with environmental sustainability, as it were, in a zero-sum game, but, should be positive-sum.
    • ANN believes that systemic and endemic Corruption threatens Nigerians and Nigeria. That the fight against corruption requires a more holistic and integrated approach to solutions, involving and mobilising ordinary Nigerians to fight for and stand with our country; and working with other countries and global institutions.
    • ANN believes in the overwhelming scientific evidence, that human activities are responsible for climate change and disruptions. That this has potential for serious implications on diseases, food production and nutrition, erosion and floods, desertification, migration, conflicts and many more, all of which constitute significant threat to Nigeria and therefore of National Security concerns. That Nigeria needs urgent response to a future beyond oil and gas, in the ways we account for and are creative with our oil and gas assets to accelerate investments in a diversified Nigerian Economy – based on the knowledge of Nigerians to create value and to develop the Technology that is required to deliver services and distribute goods inside and outside of Nigeria, today and tomorrow.
  • The ANN Strategic Plan
    The ANN Strategic Plan

    ANN will continue to engage Nigerians and the world around us to adapt our response. However, based on current evidence and our core values, ANN will progressively pursue in the short to long term, Policies that are important to National Stability, Prosperity and Security, including:

    • Priority integrated Domestic Policies, that are continuous and interconnected with,
    • Foreign Policy

    These priorities would provide Nigeria the strategic response and opportunity for domestic and foreign policy-continuation and integration to effectively manage the current and emerging threats that Nigeria faces at home and abroad.

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A nation that is committed to Good Governance with the capacity to create the enabling environment for all her citizens and residents to dream, try, succeed and thrive all across the land.